Adam Green Playing “Surprise” Full-Band Show $6 Tonight at Lit Lounge


Should you be in the mood this evening for a sloppy tribute to Billy Corgan’s GF, a Biz Markie cover, being called a “barbarian,” or nonsensical asides about things like Stinky the Ferret or leaky flasks, get yourself to Lit Lounge tonight where ex-Moldy Peach wiseacre Adam Green is playing a $6 “Surprise Full-BANd Showe” at approximately 11:27pm. No idea who the faces will belong to behind him, but do know that this dude’s an unlikely pal of the Hanson brothers, recently recorded his upcoming full-length Minor Love with the least famous member of Little Joy, and has been known to duet with Lissie Trullie, so you never know who’ll show up to help him sling the bull. Details via Green’s frantic typing fingers below.

I am PLayingk a Surprise Full-BANd Showe at LiT LOUNGE (2nd Ave. and 5th st.)
ON MoNDAY The 14th
With THe SHinIng Twins
and Delilah
THE SHINING TWINS Go on at 9:56pm
DELILAH Goez on at 10:49pm
and I (ADAM GREEN) Go on at 11:27pm
This Seems like a good idea!

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