Is Marilyn Manson Ripping Off the Elaborate and Awesome Costumes of Sunn0))) Frontman Attila Csihar?


Almost certainly, yes! Back in September, SunnO))) leveled the Brooklyn Masonic Temple, punishing the crowd for more than two hours and three costume changes by the band’s sometime frontman and vocalist, former Mayhem singer Attila Csihar. Our reviewer at the time attempted a couple of descriptions of what exactly Csihar spent most of the set wearing: “A mirror ball suit–somewhere between Voltron, Gwar, the Donnie Darko bunny, and Duchamp’s Nude Descending A Staircase. With laser-pointer claws. A set-ending third costume took the form of a big armless potato bug.” Here’s SF/J’s attempt:

    Csihar left and then returned in a robe covered with reflective shards and a headband ringed by reflective spikes. Csihar pointed the laser-fingers at his own outfit and then the crowd, getting more mileage out of the get-up than you would expect. (From my vantage point, the lasers looked like everyday office pointers sewed into black gloves, four on each hand.) His final outfit, an “earth mask” designed by Egyptian artist Nader Sadek made Csihar look like the victim of violence and some light gardening.

And finally, Ben Ratliff:

    First he wore a sort of Statue of Liberty crown, then a costume made of burlap and tree branches; he gestured slowly as he sang, and every time the music came to a perfect ending, he restarted it with a horror-house scream and more chanting.

Now SunnO)))’s Stephen O’Malley notes a curious addition to occasionally beer-bellied singer Marilyn Manson’s onstage get-up:

Look familiar? These pictures were apparently taken in St Petersburg, Russia, on November 20th–“nearly 2 months,” O’Malley notes, “after this image of Attila at Brooklyn Masonic Temple was printed in the New York Times.” That’s one hell of a coincidence, Brian.

(I know, I know, kill all journalists, etc.)

Attila’s influence [Ideologic]

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