Krispy Kreme In Doughnut Sludge Scandal; Wendy’s Pulls Out of Japan


Chex cereal sees about half its annual sales occur in the final three months of the year, when party throwers buy multiple boxes — Corn, Rice, and Wheat — to make Chex Mix. The brand is now pushing new microwaveable recipes.
[NY Times]

Krispy Kreme was sued by Fairfax County earlier this year for damages its plant in the Gunston Commerce Center industrial park in Lorton, Va. caused to the sewage system — specifically, clogging it with doughnut sludge. Krispy Kreme settled for $750,000.
[Slate/The Big Money]

Wendy’s/Arby’s Group is pulling out of Japan, resulting in the closure of 71 Wendy’s locations by the end of this month. Wendy’s has been in Japan since 1980, but the country’s fast food market has long been dominated by McDonald’s.

The restaurant of the future is likely to serve a tapas-style menu, may be located in a hotel, and is sure to serve good drinks, say experts. Diners may even see more chefs serving instead of waiters and more avant-garde — including molecular — cuisine.
[Wall Street Journal]

Are Americans through with the drive-through model? After all, it’s not based on sociability and, considering that idling stints longer than 10 seconds produce more greenhouse gas emissions than restarting the engine, it doesn’t exactly promote environmental friendliness.


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