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¡No es Dios! Atheists Now Recruiting in Spanish


Maybe we gave up too soon on the War on Christmas. The Times tells us that New York City Atheists is now holding meetings in Spanish to lure non-English-speakers unto the welcoming dark of godlessness for the holidays.

It sort of makes sense: Hispanic Americans are mostly Catholic, and no one turns harder on God than former Soldiers of Christ. This seems borne out by the report of the group’s president that NYC Atheists’ first two Spanish meetings drew newbies who “became disillusioned when their prayers did not help their home countries.” A hurricane, you say! Where’s your God now, Fernando? Have some punch

A Catholic priest whom the Times thoughtfully asked for counterpoint is unconcerned and even cordial toward the atheists, despite their evident inspiration by the Father of Lies. “We share the same dignity and the same esteem for humanity,” says Father Lorenzo Ato, who suggests the Church and the atheists “can work together and provide a partnership in order to improve society.”

¡Madre de Dios! If you can’t count on the Church to thunder against unbelievers, hope is lost. We await Bill O’Reilly’s response. (NYC Atheists, we hasten to add, is distinct from the American Humanist Association, which sponsors the local No-God Santa-hat holiday ads, and the New York Coalition for Reason behind the earlier “Good Without God” campaign — though NYC Atheists did plan that bus ad campaign last summer. Their name is legion!)


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