Post’s “Ask Ashley” Will Take On Job Issues: Excerpts Leaked


As you probably know, the New York Post has brought aboard Spitzer scandal centerpiece Ashley Dupre as an advice columnist. So far she has limited her counsel to relationship matters (“Are there telltale signs a man isn’t happy in his marriage?”), but we have learned that in future columns she will extend her purview to employment-related issues. Three excerpts have been forwarded to us, which we will now reproduce:

We’ve been having big meetings on our health insurance plan where I work, and one of my co-workers insists on blocking everything. What can we do to bring him around? — Concerned Dem, D.C.

Men are primal, and they need to assert themselves from time to time, sometimes in ways that we don’t understand…

But most of the time all they really want is for you to say to them, “You’re important, you matter.” Apply a little TLC. Have you tried a few million extra dollars for the Pleasure Beach water taxi? Make the offer in the romantic way possible — say, as a rider to a defense appropriations bill.

I work for the state, and my boss is a real grinch. He has just frozen ten percent of disbursements to schools and municipalities — during the holidays, yet! Should I seek alternate employment, or wait till he is eventually replaced? — Sick of It All in Albany

Though my employment with the state was never official, I can empathize with the stress you’re feeling. Men in leadership roles express their needs in unusual and sometimes confusing ways. I had some success with the previous Governor, but this one sounds like a real bear. Most likely he has trouble delegating, and feels the need to do everything himself, which is making him grumpy. And from what I’ve heard, the usual relaxation techniques just won’t work on him.

Still, my advice is to hang in. You know what hey say about governors — there’ll be another one along any minute. As long as your checks arrive on time, why stress?

My colleagues and I at a global conference are having difficulty relating, and seem to be at an impasse. What’s a good icebreaker in this situation? — Dazed in Denmark.

I’d suggest you all take a nice long walk to clear your heads — and maybe take in some of the tourist attractions. You’ll return in a more relaxed frame of mind. And if you run into Mindy Lou from Freeport, say hi for me!