SantaCon Happened!


photo by Paul Quitoriano

And the Voice has the slideshow. Not everyone approves — Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York, for example, disdains the “endless pub crawl” that “begins in the morning and overwhelms my neighborhood until the wee hours of the night. The number of drunks screaming ‘woo’ increases exponentially as darkness descends. And so I enjoy seeing them get tickets for stumble-bumming around with open containers.”

It’s all pretty mainstream by now, apparently, and many news desks filed a crazy-kids report. The Daily News deputized a Santacon participatory journalist, who enjoyed a bit of old-fashioned Freedom of the Press (“It’s not every day your boss allows you to drink on the job”) and a Mr. T Santa (“I pity the Grinch”).

If you like your flash mobbing vaguely political, Paris had a gay kiss-in. Santas were involved, so maybe there’s a tie-in.

Update: Mackenzie Schmidt has the definitive on-the-scene report: “The bond between Santas was fierce. When a plainclothesed man attempted to join in on a game of Santa jump rope, he was immediately booed and forced to step out.”



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