Things We Hate: Corn Peelers at the Farmers’ Market


You’ve experienced it dozens of times–as you approach your favorite farm stand in the farmers’ market, you’re confronted by a solid cordon of corn-peelers, clogging the approach to the corn bin, and obsessively peeling every ear of corn.

What do they hope to achieve? An ear of corn with a few kernels missing tastes every bit as good, or better, and we bet most of the corn peelers are not about to be hosting special dinner parties at which every item must be cosmetically perfect.

Besides, we don’t want every ear fingered and caressed before we have a chance to buy it, or be confronted with a bin in which every ear has been haphazardly and partially denuded. The best reason we can think of besides hygiene and plain courtesy is that the husk keeps the corn fresh–after it’s been molested, the corn won’t keep as long.

Here’s how one Chinese grocery in Sunset Park handles the problem.


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