New York

Williamsburg DJ Solange Raulston Killed by Truck While Cycling


Those of us who bike Nassau Avenue know the intersection at busy McGuinness Boulevard is fraught with peril and festooned with floral tributes, presumably for persons who have perished there. Solange Raulston, aka DJ Reverend Soul, who worked the Williamsburg club circuit, fatally encountered a truck at the intersection while cycling around noon on the rainy Sunday. Raulston died at Bellevue after the accident. The truck driver was not charged.

Raulston is described as a “popular socialite in London and Israel” and seems to have made some good friends at Williamsburg’s Artists & Fleas who are feeling the loss.

A Ghost Bike memorial is planned, just a few blocks down from the one memorializing Liz Byrne, killed at McGuinness and Kent in September 2005.

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