Bah Humbug: the DOH Bans Street Vendors From Selling Fish, Seafood, and Pre-Sliced Fruit and Vegetables


Just in time for the holidays, the Department of Health has gifted the mobile vending community with a big, fat lump of coal. Midtown Lunch has discovered that the DOH’s newly repealed and reenacted Article 89 has prohibited the sale of fish, seafood, and shellfish by street vendors, as well as the sale of pre-sliced fruit and vegetables by “[m]obile food vending units only authorized to sell whole fresh pre-packaged fruits and vegetable[s].”

The new rules are scheduled to go into effect on January 1, meaning that there are only 16 days left to enjoy the salmon and tilapia at Kwik Meal, the fried whitefish sandwiches at Kim’s Aunt Kitchen Cart, the fried cod at the Schnitzel Truck, and the plastic-wrapped mango and honeydew melon slices found inhabiting coolers throughout the city. And one would also assume that the ceviche found at the Red Hook Ballfields will also be a thing of the past come next summer. All of which is far more unsettling to contemplate than the sight of some guy slurping down a glass of human fat.


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