Booze News: Potable Presents & Communal Cocktails


Film and winemaker Francis Ford Coppola is taking Vinicor to court for ruining 55,000 cases of wine by supplying faulty bottles and leaky screw caps.

Celebrate the season with beer. Try one of these festive brews: Sam Adams Winter Lager, Jewbelation Bar Mitzvah, or St. Bernardus Christmas Ale.
[NY Daily News]

Restaurants and bars around the country are serving punch for the holidays, including Rye House and Ideya Latin Bistro in New York. Rye House’s incorporates chai-infused rye whiskey, Batavia arrack, bitters, sugar, soda, lemon and grapefruit juice. Ideya’s is Mexican-style with sliced apples, crabapples, and guavas.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

Buy your boss some booze for the holidays this year. He/she should be impressed by Karlsson’s Gold potato vodka, Angostura 1919 Rum, or Parker Beam 27-Year-Old Whiskey.

PBR is as popular as ever among hipsters. The beer is up almost 30 percent in dollar sales in the U.S. for the 52 weeks through October at retailers like supermarkets and drug stores,while Budweiser and Corona Extra are down about 7 and 8 percent, respectively.

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