Gay Marriage D.C. a Go; Fenty to Sign, Congress Unlikely to Block


We were told to withhold our applause when the Washington, DC city council voted to recognize gay marriages in the District: the process required another vote. Well, they had it today, and it passed again. The mayor, Adrian Fenty, is eager to sign it.

Don’t clap yet! D.C. being a federal district and not a sovereign state, it has to get this thing cleared by Congress — and they can’t even pass a damn health care bill.

On the other hand…

The Times points out that local opponents of marriage equality have a dilemma — if they lobby Congress to block the measure, they’ll be seen as arguing against District autonomy, and abetting the voteless, “taxation with representation” condition that no one in D.C. likes. It’s an interesting turnabout, as usually gay rights supporters are the ones who are presumed hamstrung by political considerations.

Also aiding the gay marriage cause: Congress has to act within 30 days to block the measure — and get Obama’s signature to boot. It’s been a disappointing year for gay marriage advocates, but this is as close to a gimme as they’ve ever had.


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