Voice Choices



Those hulking 8-bit computers and handheld video gaming systems are making a comeback as musical instruments of geekiness. More than 30 international nerdy-chic music and visual artists showcase low-tech projects at the Fourth Annual Blip Festival. Swedish Chiptune artist tRasH cAn maN fuses Nintendo Game Boys sound bytes with vocals, electric guitar, and rattling forks and spoons to induce an unbreakable trance. Visual artist Rosa Menkman doesn’t make mistakes—her abstract pieces turn accidents in digital media, such as glitches and feedback, into electronic gold. For three days, catch the nouveau cool tinkering with nifty gadgets, or sit in on a daytime workshop or film screening. Really, who says you’re too old to play with toys?

Thu., Dec. 17, 7 p.m., 2009

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