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Is 9/11 Truther the Man Who Threatened the Mayor?


Jeffrey Fisher is accused of making unambiguous threats (e.g. “there are bullets now aimed at the mayor’s head everywhere,” “Tell Commissioner Kelly he is dead”) on the lives of Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. He placed the calls to 911 and made them between May 12 and last Thursday via pay phones in the city.

Fisher is held on 10 felony counts of making terroristic threats. He is said to have admitted to making the calls. His bail is $100,000. He’ll be in court Thursday.

One web source says this is his MySpace page. We have no idea whether the “WORLD PEACE PATRIOT” therein described is the suspect, but whoever he is, his YouTube channel is interesting:

He claims a personal connection with Al Gore, proposes Cynthia McKinney to serve as as a “Constutional Crisis” Vice-President with the rightfully elected Gore, accuses the government of causing 9/11 and disgraced Congressman Mark Foley of abusing “over 100 black teenage boys.” He also asserts, “Mel Gibson is a wonderful man.”

At another site this Fisher claims, “Verizon turned off my phone and Davida basically kicked me out and I
have seven cents. I am blessed… Davida can’t realize how rich I am going to be.”

He also claims to have been endorsed for Congress by Hillary Clinton, but his campaign web site is a dense thicket of German with porn links.

More as it develops.



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