Back again after a tiny U.S. teaser last August, corpse-painted black metal Swedes Marduk headline this smartly-curated tour of chilly grimness. Marduk’s streamlined juggernaut, Wormwood, mixes arena-ready metal with classic blastbeat terror while U.S. BM crew Nachtmystium dabble in psychedelic necromancy. French ritualists Merrimack’s newest Grey Rigorism, features polished black ‘n’ roll as well as their new creepy occult-porno video tune, “In The Halls of White Death”—recently-banned from YouTube. With blackened NY trio Black Anvil and odd-man-out, not-so-black, thrash youngsters Mantic Ritual.

Wed., Dec. 16, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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