Obits Declare War on the Dirty Projectors


Bold! Not surprising! One hopes Brooklyn Vegan’s little year end thing they just got rolling–in which various musicians talk about their year, via questionnaire–will yield further surprises, but the opening salvo here is pretty good. First on deck is Obits guitarist Sohrab Habibion who, after chiding journalists for seizing on his frontman Rick Froberg’s quote that “we’re not into innovation as a band” (guilty!), offers up his own useful sound bite:

What’s the best and worst thing about being in a band in NYC in 2009?

The fact that people think Dirty Projectors are culturally important.

Given that our own 2009 music-related disappointment thus far was “Obits not starting enough fights with other local bands,” we’re on team Sohrab here. But mileages and year-end lists will probably differ. [Brooklyn Vegan]

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