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UHO Tables Shut Down by Judge, Assets Frozen


We were wondering, when we saw a guy manning a United Homeless Organization table near Union Square this weekend, if the recent attorney general finding that UHO is a scam was affecting their business. Looks like it’ll be affecting it in a big way now that AG Andrew Cuomo has obtained an interim court order shutting down the UHO tables.

Cuomo found the familiar collection-jug solicitations to be a scam in November, says the money is actually mostly going to its principals for personal use, and is suing UHO. Justice Barbara R. Kapnick of New York Supreme Court has ordered the UHO folks to stop all charitable solicitations, and has also frozen the organization’s bank accounts and other assets. They’ll stay that way until at least January 11, when the case next goes to court.

You can at this writing still download a donation form from the UHO web site, though. Calls to UHO went to an answering machine and have not been returned.

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