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9/11 Kin Want Landfill With Attack Victims’ Remains Moved to Burial Site


If, God forbid, we should be killed in a terrorist attack, and our remains scattered to Kingdom Come and even Staten Island, we request that our relatives and friends not attempt to have the ton of debris among which our remains may be scattered removed to a burial site, costing our fellow citizens millions of dollars.

We love Norm Siegel, but his comparison of atomized body parts to the intact corpses of a judge’s relatives (“Your loved ones, Judge Parker, on top of household garbage”) is unconvincing; if we were blown to bits in a more innocent situation — by chewing explosive gum, say — we would not care whether the custodians were able to scoop up our microscopic remains and lay them in consecrated ground — and certainly wouldn’t want the lab in which we exploded be torn down and interred at Forest Lawn.

We don’t see how the historic nature of the disaster in which these poor folks suffered changes the calculus.


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