Beef! Finally Gives the World a Magazine for Dudes Who Cook


Among the other things we can now thank Germany for is Beef!, a food magazine geared towards the XY set. A new publication from Gruner + Jahr, it’s kind of like what would happen if Maxim and GQ got hungry and fired up a big, testosterone-fueled grill. And it shouldn’t be confused with BEEF Magazine, which bills itself as “America’s leading cattle publication.”

So what does the German Beef! offer? In the words of its publisher, “BEEF! is for men who are interested in recipes — as well as Tokyo’s tuna market, the sharpness of knives and the water pressure in their espresso machine. For men who find noodles boring unless they’ve made them themselves.”

The first issue includes all sorts of articles on “what the modern man simply has to know.” There’s a piece on how to skin a rabbit, a Steak World Cup, a look at an all-male cooking club (no girls allowed, unless they’re the paid entertainment) and a feature on knives. There are also recipes and pictures of boobies.

The website Magtastic Blogsplosion has helpfully translated and reviewed the issue. At present it seems to be available only in Germany, but perhaps Burger King will see fit to start selling it in their newly redecorated mancaves.

[Via the Food Section]