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Double Fun: GOP Rapist Legislator Tries to Copyright Own Name


We close tonight’s proceedings with a spectacular display of both Republican sex-criminality and poor public relations. You may recall that former South Dakota state representative Ted Klaudt was arrested in 2007 for conducting sexual “exams” on his young foster daughters, and sentenced to 44 years for rape and 10 years for witness tampering. This week Klaudt tried to keep his disgraced name out of the press by copyrighting it. He sent around a letter claiming a “Common Law Copyright” on the name Ted Alvin Klaudt and charging a $50,000 fee to anyone who wanted to “use” it. Experts explain the futility of this, but then so could you. Klaudt served in the state house of representatives from 1999 to 2006, and sponsored many bills relating to the treatment of sex offenders, on whom he was — hilariously, in retrospect — very tough.


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