Hey, Gucci Mane’s The State Vs. Radric Davis Is #10 in the Country!


He’s no Susan Boyle (#1 for the third straight world beating week, for a grand old-people-still-buy-records total of 1.8 million copies of I Dreamed a Dream sold), but Gucci Mane does have his first top ten record. He sold 90,000–not quite Jadakiss numbers, but better than being the Clipse, who couldn’t quite crack the top 40. Til The Casket Drops sold 31,400, good for #41 and a kind of tight, sad feeling in my stomach. The villainous Chris Brown crept to a #7 debut (102,000) despite some right-thinking shop owners’ best efforts. And, proving the clout of Jon Caramanica once and for all, tiny Usher-and-Scooter Braun-protege Justin Bieber got a 40% bump this week and climbed back up from #12 to #8. Besides that it’s just your usual none too delicious Bocelli-Swift-Gaga-Buble-Underwood salad. As you were. [Billboard]

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