The Shake Shacking of America; The Big Plate Revolution of New York


Dale Hemmerdinger, the ex-MTA chairman and current landlord, is evicting Shamsher Wadud, who for many years owned the Indian restaurant Nirvana on the roof of the building next door. Wadud is broke and a Parkinson’s sufferer, and claims his apartment is overrun by rodents.
[NY Post]

The Shake Shacking of America will be headed up by David Swinghamer, who ran the Blue Smoke restaurants, and will include four new Shake Shacks in 2010, and as many as 20 in the next five years, mostly up and down the East Coast.
[NY Times]

Small plates are everywhere these days. But a few Manhattan restaurants are answering the call of diners who want big, communal plates. To wit: the bo ssam meal at Momofuku Ssam Bar and the paella Valenciana at Socarrat.
[Wall Street Journal]

Since Congress began requiring two inspections a year for school cafeterias, food-safety problems have been identified and resolved before children developed food-borne illnesses. A number of New York schools, however, still aren’t refrigerating or sanitizing properly.
[USA Today]

Around one third of global greenhouse gas emissions come from the way we produce, process, distribute, and consume food, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Meanwhile, farmers will feel the effects of climate change more than anyone.
[Huffington Post]


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