Whew! Health Department Is Not Banning Street Vendor Sales of Cooked Fish and Seafood


Oh, sweet relief! Yesterday Midtown Lunch noticed that the Health Department’s recently repealed Article 89 would forbid the city’s mobile food vendors from selling fish, seafood, and shellfish beginning on January 1. But thankfully, that does not actually appear to be the case.

It turns out that the Health Department only has it in for raw shellfish. Zoe Tobin, the department’s associate press secretary, just e-mailed this correction:

“The New York City Health Code prohibits the sale of raw shellfish from mobile food carts. That rule has not changed. Because of an oversight, recent amendments to the Health Code were written in a way that technically prohibits the sale of any seafood — raw or cooked — from mobile food carts. This was not the intent of the amendments. The Health Department intends to correct the amendment to allow the continued sale of cooked seafood from mobile carts. Until then, the agency will not enforce this provision of the amendment as written.”

Meaning that while Igloo ceviche is still a no-go, you’ll still be able to get fried cod from the Schnitzel Truck, salmon and tilapia from Kwik Meal, and pretty much the entire menu at Kim’s Aunt Kitchen Cart. Pre-sliced fruit, on the other hand, still seems to be destined for street food history’s dustbin.


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