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$15 Million Suit Charges Russian Tea Room Chef “Pinched Nipples,” Etc.


Everyone who’s ever worked in one knows that restauranteurs are assholes, and the recent revelation that the owner of Paradou is one didn’t shock us. Neither are we shocked to learn the chef at the Russian Tea Room is apparently crazy. (It’s all that heat and responsibility — they’re like submarine commanders, or drummers.)

The Daily News reports a $15 million lawsuit has been brought by underlings against chef Petrous Maldovin (or Petrous Moldovan, as some have it) for various hilarious offenses…

Moldovan would allegedly shout things like “I am going to fuck your sister” at them, hit them in the head with pots, and “grab their penises, pinch their nipples, smack their heads,” etc. In addition to plain abuse, the suit charges a sexual component. “It’s a case where heterosexual men are being sexually harassed by their male superior,” says the plaintiffs’ lawyer. (That brings us back to the chef who kept asking us to “go to the trucks” with him. We were young then and, we’re told, fetching.)

In 2008 Moldovan told Behind the Burner that he sought to instill in his staff “respect, teamwork and trust.” He is part of a set of twins, and his brother also works at the Tea Room, so maybe they’ll try some sort of legal shenanigans to throw the judge. You know those chefs — they’re crazy. There was this one who used to threaten to cut our balls off and “cook them in an omelette”…

(The LA Times recently wrote that the Tea Room has been trying to appeal to children more with their menu, which makes us think of kids in the banquettes asking their mommies what all that screaming in the background is about.)
Image via NYT.


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