Freddy’s Bar To Install Chains for When Bruce Ratner Tries to Evict Them


The fight to keep homes and businesses from being eminent-domained for the Bruce Ratner Atlantic Yards boondoggle goes badly. So the management at Freddy’s Bar — the fun watering hole and longtime Voice favorite imperiled by the land grab — is installing chains.

Bar manager Donald O’Finn writes to tell us that Freddy’s will have a chain-fastening at “high noon” on Sunday because “an overwhelming number of Freddy’s Bar patrons plan on chaining themselves to the bar if Scrooge Ratner and Grinch Paterson’s Atlantic Yards Project attempts to shutdown and demolish Freddy’s Bar and Backroom.”

O’Finn says the chains are both symbolic — of “all the individuals unbreakably locked in a chain gang seeking fair rights” — and practical: “The Backroom at Freddy’s Bar was the birthplace of this particular rebellion for fair treatment,” he says. “The front room is where we bring out the hardware to back it up.”

Asked how they expect to hold out against Ratner, O’Finn tells us, “We will fight the best fight we can.” Drinks will be served.