Freddy’s to Fend Off Atlantic Yards Project With “Chains of Justice” This Sunday


Freddy’s, the Prospect Heights watering hole we recently named one of Our 10 Best Brooklyn Bars, has for the past few years been dealing with the threat of destruction courtesy of Bruce Ratner’s proposed Atlantic Yards Project. This Sunday, Freddy’s staff and supporters are fighting back by installing so-called “Chains of Justice” around their beloved bar.

Freddy’s manager, Donald O’Finn, has sent out an e-mail announcing that an “overwhelming number of Freddy’s Bar patrons plan on chaining themselves to the bar if Scrooge Ratner and Grinch Paterson’s Atlantic Yards Project attempts to shutdown and demolish Freddy’s Bar and Backroom. This Sunday, we are installing chains onto the Bar itself for just such a purpose…we will stand in support of the Prospect Heights neighborhood, and the extended neighborhood of 5000+ supporters who have donated time and money to fight against eminent domain. We believe the links of the chain represent all the individuals unbreakably locked in a chain gang seeking fair rights for the individual in the contemporary flurry of land-grabbing corporate greed. The Backroom at Freddy’s Bar was the birthplace of this particular rebellion for fair treatment, the front room is where we bring out the hardware to back it up.”

The chain is to be installed at 12 p.m.; celebratory drinking will most likely commence shortly thereafter.


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