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Latest Death Threat Against New York Official: Jack Geoghan vs. Andrew Cuomo


Just a few days back cops arrested a man who allegedly phoned death threats to Mayor Bloomberg and Ray Kelly. Now 45-year-old Jack Geoghan of Inter County Appraisers of Bayport, New York, is accused of leaving a message at the Attorney General’s office promising, “If that fucker Andrew Cuomo is on the Long Island Expressway and his head is blown off with a 30.06, you’ll know who did it.” Police did not take this as a crimestoppers tip, and hauled Geoghan in. He is charged with terroristic threats and aggravated harassment.

His father tells the Post that his son doesn’t even own a gun, which is a relief…

The father also says that as a real-estate appraiser, Geoghan has been annoyed by Cuomo’s attempts to regulate that industry, such as the establishment of a Home Valuation Code of Conduct, which requires appraisal fees be split between appraisers and appraisal management companies, which other critics have denounced, albeit less homicidally, as an undue financial hardship on appraisers. You can sign a petition against it here.

Geoghan is also accused of sending a menacing e-mail to the Attorney General’s web site. His held on $500 million [!] bail.


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