Rudy Giuliani Tells Tiger Woods “Hang In There”


Everyone’s beating up on Athlete of the Decade Tiger Woods — his wife’s allegedly divorcing him, Accenture dropped him, his dad and Jessica Simpson are getting dragged into it, etc. But some celebrities are offering Tiger solace and friendly counsel, our former mayor Rudolph Giuliani among them.

US magazine gets Giuliani’s take on the situation:

Giuliani says Tiger is a “nice man… particularly with children. He was extraordinarily generous to my son and my son played golf with him.” (Woods’ lessons in niceness apparently didn’t take with Andrew Giuliani.)

“We know he’s going to get through it,” adds Giuliani (US does not say who “we” is) and his Tiger takeaway is “Hang in there.”

Giuliani has had his own adultery-divorce problems, so maybe he’s just trying to keep his karma correct. Also, he’s called loyalty the “vital virtue” in his writings, though this apparently does not apply to spouses.



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