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Christmas Gets Tougher For NYC’s Poor, Post Readers Rejoice


Santa is not bringing an end to the bad news for the city’s poor this Christmas. With a record high number of homeless families, and the city’s homeless shelter system for single adults already at 99.6 percent capacity, the Housing Authority is taking back 3,000 already-issued Section 8 vouchers.

The vouchers, funded by the federal government, provide an average $800 a month subsidy to poor families towards the rental of private apartments. The city already has more than 100,000 such vouchers in use, and typically issues about 10,000 a year. Because of cutbacks from the federal government, the city does not plan to issue any next year.

This just a day after the MTA voted to make a half million kids hitchhike to school as it ended free MetroCards for students. The readers of the New York Post look at this news with their typical Christian charity of the Christmas season…

“Good news!” writes one commenter. “If these people can’t afford to live in the city, then they should find a place to live where they can afford to pay their OWN rent.” They add, with holiday tidings, “now that they are not giving out free metro cards, it would be a good time for people to move closer to the schools their kids will be attending.”

At least those 3,000 poor people who are losing their housing vouchers can rejoice that unemployment is “down to” 10 percent.

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