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Somebody Got Murdered: Ex-Con Slaughters Three in Drug Robbery Gone Bad


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DATE: Thursday, December 17, 2009, 1:45 p.m.
LOCATION: 492 Amsterdam Ave., Manhattan.

A crazed ex-con turned an Upper West Side apartment into an abattoir yesterday, shooting and stabbing three people in an apartment stocked with heroin, the police say.

Hector Quinones, 44, of Devoe Terrace in the Bronx, killed a 24-year-old man, the man’s father and his grandfather in a third floor apartment at the above address. Trying to flee via the fire escape, Quinones fell to his death, after, according to the New York Post, tripping over his pants.

Cops found Fernando Gonzalez, 87, in the bathroom, stabbed to death. Carlos Rodriguez Sr., 52, and his son, Carlos Rodriguez Jr., 24, were found shot to death in bedroom. An unidentified 49-year-old woman was found outside the building with a graze wound to her head.

Police found a .38-caliber gun and a bloody kitchen knife in the apartment, along with heroin, cocaine, and a lockbox filled with cash.

Quinones had been arrested 14 previous times, the Post says, and had done prison time with Rodriguez Sr. The Post quotes an anonymous source calling it “a drug robbery gone awry.”

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