The Blogroll Gazette: Food Blogs Turn into Book Deals; Shutter Shockers


This week in food blogs…

Eater rounded up the top 10 “Old Timer Shutter Shockers of 2009,” including Chanterelle, The Pink Tea Cup, and The Rainbow Room.

Meanwhile, Eat Me Daily rounded up the year’s most significant food blog-to-book deals, with Bacon Explosion creators BBQ Addicts and Fancy Fast Food making the cut.

Grub Street discovered that, in fact, Cesar Ramirez will not expand his popular chef’s counter at Brooklyn Fare into its own restaurant. But he will add wine pairings next year.

The Food Section noted that Carl’s Jr. will add to its burger porn repertoire with a Kim Kardashian salad porn spot.

Midtown Lunch revisited OBao’s bun bo hue, which now actually looks and tastes like bun bo hue and not some other Asian soup.

Slice reviewed the newly revamped pizza at Domino’s. The verdict? It’s a bit better, but it’s still pizza from Domino’s.

Serious Eats doled out advice on how to ship baked goods. Hint: “Cookie padding is KEY!”

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