Week in Review: Pull a Monster Out of Your Soul


In the week our F2K crew got within three wretched singles of revealing all 50 worst songs of the decade, we learned what giant, raging purple erections in cargo shorts would say if they could speak. (Probably something like: I got the fever for the flavor of the coochie.) Not sated? Here is a song about Alvin and the Chipmunks running a train on some woman they met at a club. Tune in next week, when we finally finish this death march off.

One last apology here for getting Under 100, the wild and wonderful DIY show space in Dame Dash’s basement, shut down by its Tribeca neighbors. It was fun while it lasted. (Right?)

No apologies to Marilyn Manson, who got caught this week ripping off SunnO))) Frontman Attila Csihar’s awesome stage costumes. Or to the Dirty Projectors, against whom the Obits waged entertaining and incisive war. (The knockout blow is in the comments.) And shame on you kids who were yelling “Play that Pitchfork song” at Neon Indian the other night–Neon Indian had it first!

Download Guignol’s “Branks,” featuring the Hold Steady’s Franz Nicolay, or Woman’s “When the Wheel’s Red,” both courtesy of YIMBY auteur Christopher R. Weingarten.

RIP Ryan Adams & the Cardinals bassist Chris Feinstein and Brooklyn DJ Solange Raulston. Terrible losses both. Fix the fucking bike lanes in Greenpoint, New York City.

And though Monkey Town took a bow, ABC No Rio got a lift, so at least there’s that.

Plus rockstar fashion via a neck scarf free Vampire Weekend, The-Dream justifying his purchase of some ridiculous Tom Ford equestrian boots, Kanye cradling a naked Lady Gaga, Rihanna in Mickey Mouse ears and nipple tape, Jay-Z without the “Z,” Hideous Gnosis and Brandon Stosuy’s silken beard in the New York Times, and much more, below. Looking for something to do this weekend? Check out our guide to this weekend’s holiday-party glut. Do it now before it’s January. We’re back on Monday.

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