Let Us Now Praise Stinky Foods: Roquefort and Other Blue (or Bleu) Cheeses


This hunk of blue cheese looks scarily like a face, doesn’t it?

Blue cheeses are among the world’s stinkiest, with an odor at once buttery, pungent, and almost rancid. These cheeses are made by injecting molds into the flesh of the cheese, resulting in blue or green veins. Oftentimes, you can see the path by which the mold is injected. In additional to color, these cheeses tend to develop a pasty or crumbly texture, the former good for spreading on croutons, the latter excellent in salads, in sparing quantities depending on pungency.

The world’s most notorious blue cheeses include Roquefort (a French Roquefort is regulated by the French government.

Roquefort actually does get aged in caves, and has the most beautiful veining of any blue cheese.

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