Naked bike protest happens, not naked


The scheduled topless protest “Freedom Ride” over a missing bike lane in Williamsburg went on in the snow today without nakedness, to the evident disappointment of onlookers and the assembled media.

Organizers, perhaps responding to the flack they were getting from more staid biking activists, significantly dialed back their hipster vs. hasidic rhetoric from earlier in the week. Heather Loop, who told The Brooklyn Paper earlier in the week that if the local hasidic community she blames for the removal of the bike lane “can’t handle scantily clad women [they should] live in a place where you can have your own sanctuary, like upstate,” concentrated on safety today, telling Gothamist “We’re not trying to start a war, we’re trying to save a bike lane.” The AP story, on the other hand, went with the earlier quote.

Local orthodox families were either offended by the fake breasts some riders wore outside their coasts (the AP) or didn’t pay much attention (Gothamist).

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