62 Oscar Best Song Pre-Nominees Include Tunes from Bruno, Brothers, and Oy Vey! My Son is Gay!


Movie award fever flares up again! If you think the expanded list of Best Picture nominees (from five to 10) with which the Academy will experiment in 2010 is an embarrassment of riches (or just an embarrassment), take a look at the list of 63 eligible Best Song contenders they released last week. Among the officially recognized tunes is “Dove of Peace” from Bruno. Steve Pond enjoys this and other oddities at The Wrap (including “HoeDown ThrowDown” from Hannah Montana The Movie).

We are still searching for a full clip of “The Word is Love” from Oy Vey! My Son is Gay! but the bit of it audible in the trailer suggests it is Oscar material, and we encourage Academy members to vote for it, on the chance that Bruce Vilanch will contribute special topical material when the nominated songs are performed on the Oscars, March 7. Also, maybe it will keep U2 off the show (“It’s hot as hell/We’re like butter on toast”).


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