New York

Bronx Fire Reported Under Control; Several Businesses “Gutted”


Bronx News Network has a slide show of the early morning fire that hit 204th Street, a major shopping stretch in the Norwood section. Authorities believe the blaze started in a newly-renovated Foodtown around 4 in the morning and built to a four-alarm conflagration.

Only two minor injuries to firefighters are reported at present and the fire is said to be under control, but several businesses, including the Foodtown, are “gutted,” per NY1.

“Lmfao 204th is gonna start looking like jamrock out here,” tweets Deanaxlynn, “niggas is gonna come & shoot music videos !” But the damage is very bad news for 204th Street, the scene of another big fire on Halloween of this year. 14 businesses were damaged, including a bakery that had just started to recover from a fire in April.

“Folks have an amazing resilience here,” a community organizer told the Times after that blaze. Let us hope that’s so.



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