Free Energy Shamble Over to Daytrotter


Free Energy’s Stuck on Nothin’ would easily cruise onto any year-end music list we might make, except for the fact that the record doesn’t come out until next year. A self-titled EP with “Dream City” on the A side and “Something in Common”–a top five song for us this year and somehow not on the actual album–on the B side did come out this year, as did mega-anthem “Free Energy.” The Philly-based band recently took those three excellent songs and “Dark Trance,” another LP teaser that’s been floating around, to Daytrotter, where they recorded a typically loose four-song session. Frontman Paul Sprangers still can’t really sing live the way he does in the studio (a phenomenon we first picked up somewhere between the band’s first NYC show at Mercury Lounge and their triumphant turn at Webster during CMJ a few months later), but the session’s worth it for the bonkers ad-libs alone–“I think I can see the Great Wall! I think I can see the pyramids!”–not to mention the abrupt and premature ending to “Free Energy.” Uh, “CUT!” [Daytrotter]

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