Further Details on the SXSW-Killing Todd P Festival in Monterrey, Mexico


March 19 to March 22, two stages, a “tent city,” shuttle buses running both ways across the border, tickets at the absurdly low cost of $10 a day, and as many as 80 bands already confirmed, according to sometime Voice contributor and Impose editor Jeremy Krinsley, who spoke with Patrick about the festival. Original reports about Todd P’s plans for a DIY rock gathering at an abandoned drive-in movie theater on the side of a mountain in another country entirely sounded basically too far-fetched to ever come to fruition. But now, things are looking “much more real.”

Todd P and his partners are currently searching for funding. But if this does come off, it’ll be legendary. “There’s this misconception that DIY is people who don’t know what they’re doing,” Patrick told Impose. “I want to prove that we can do something hard. The people with serious money behind then would try and have you believe that we don’t have our shit together.” Who might those people be, exactly? Perhaps the people who run SXSW at around the same time a few hours to the north, in Austin, Texas. “I think the festival kinda blows,” Patrick says. “After all these years we’ve helped the value of the festival. We’ve given people justification for going to South by Southwest even if they hate it. I don’t feel like helping SXSW look more cool.” Well. This would certainly be one way to show them up.

Todd P’s Monterrey Festival

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