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Sweet Tallulah Offers Sweet Respite for Addled Holiday Bakers | Village Voice


Sweet Tallulah Offers Sweet Respite for Addled Holiday Bakers


Though there were plenty of delightful baked goods on display at yesterday’s New Amsterdam Market, none were quite so poised to bring joy to addled holiday bakers as Sweet Tallulah’s ready-made cookie dough. Rachelle Guiragossian, the one-woman force behind Sweet Tallulah, says she began selling the dough during last year’s holiday season; thanks to an increase in demand, she’ll be selling it year-round at Provisions, a food shop at the South Street Seaport.

Guiragossian, who’s been making treats professionally for the last decade, does much of her baking at the store, where, she says with a laugh, “a lot of regular customers are like, ‘can I take the batter and pretend I made it?'” To accommodate these requests, she filled about 20 private orders last year. She’s sold about the same amount this year, thanks in part to yesterday’s market.

The batter, which is made from organic ingredients, comes in two varieties, oatmeal white chocolate cranberry and oatmeal dark chocolate pecan, and is sold in small and large sizes. Small yields approximately two and a half dozen cookies, while large, Guiragossian says, is open to slightly more interpretation. “I say five dozen because people make their cookies bigger than I make them, but I get six dozen.”

The small size retails for $11.50 and the large for $23. “I worried it was too expensive,” Guiragossian admits. “But people told me, ‘no, Pillsbury is really expensive and it’s crap.’ At least this is organic.”

Those searching for a last-minute baking reprieve or simply a raw cookie dough supply to aid family dysfunction-inspired late-night refrigerator raids can order the batter from Guiragossian at or buy calling Provisions, which also stocks a full range of Sweet Tallulah baked goods and banana bread mix.


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