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To Save The Pink Tea Cup from Closing, Manager Seeks Donations


The Pink Tea Cup, offering simple, inexpensive, and generous servings of down-home cooking on Grove Street since 1954, is scheduled to close on January 3 after 55 years. Owner Lisa Ford cites, what else, the economy, and tells Fork in the Road the site is probably played out as a eatery (“They’re probably going to push it as a restaurant. I wouldn’t. I’d shoot for a clothing store”), but manager Vincent Pinkney says he wants to buy it and keep it open.

In a change from ordinary business practice, Pinkney and his “Team Teacup” are asking for donations. While they’re open to “getting an investor or two on board,” most of their communications ask for concerned citizens to chip in.

“We like the kind that jingles but rather have the kind that folds. :-),” asks Team Teacup at the Save the Pink Teacup web site. They have also put up a Facebook page to stir interest. “Jeffery G is just saved his Soul(food)!!!” they report there. “He just donated towards our $2,000 goal for THIS FRIDAY. Save your Soul next, it just takes $5!!! Who’s next???”

What do Jeffery G and other contributors get for this? “Your financial contribution will go towards the purchase of the Pink Teacup to new ownership — Vincent Pinkney, short-term investment, restaurant renovations and a long term investment to have The Pink Teacup around for 55 more years!” says Save the Pink Teacup.

The restaurant has been regarded fondly over the years by the Voice, Whoopi Goldberg, and others. Team Teacup also plan a fundraiser on the putative closing date at the restaurant. A call to Pinkney via his PR firm has not yet been returned.



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