What’s Your Favorite De Niro Film?


Before we start this poll, let me tell you about Robert De Niro‘s latest film, Everybody’s Fine.

It has some implausibilities–like, would a retired man with a heart condition really set about traveling all over the place to visit his various children without any advance warning? What if they’re not home?

It’s also littered with heavy handed symbolism, like how De Niro’s character worked all his life in phone wires–i.e., communication–but he HAS none with his family, get it? Also, when a fellow bus passenger tells him a hurricane named Alice is heading up the coast, De Niro wonders what Alice might mean in Greek. “Truth,” the woman replies.


But De Niro serves his own truth, giving a lovely, understated performance that lifts the film.

It’s not my favorite of his, though.

That would have to be Taxi Driver. I mean GoodFellas. I mean Raging Bull. I mean Mean Streets. I mean Cape Fear. I mean The King of Comedy. I mean The Godfather II.

Help me decide! And don’t say Rocky and Bullwinkle.

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