Carl’s Jr. Uses Kim Kardashian to Scrape the Very, Very Bottom of the Barrel


Carl’s Jr. is continuing to uphold its honorable tradition of selling shitty food with shitty advertisements: this time, it’s enlisted Kim Kardashian and her boobs to help sell salad.

Because nothing says hot, sweaty sexual intercourse like iceberg lettuce, the ad features Kardashian lying on a bed, fellating an apple slice and picking at some greens with her bare hands. Then she slops some dressing down her front and, salad in hand, goes to take a bubble bath, because the only place people are more likely to eat a salad than in bed is in the bathtub.

It’s enough to make you long for the uncomplicated, somehow less exploitative pleasures of actual food porn. Or for an angry mob to descend upon the Carl’s Jr. headquarters, pitchforks, burning bras, and battering rams in hand.

[Via Eat Me Daily]

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