Ending the Day With 333 Pages of Michael Jackson Sex Crime Investigation


Sometimes one must just bow to the bounteous fruits of the Freedom of Information Act, a request via which has led the FBI to unveil their epic file on Michael Jackson, wherein the twin salient facts relevant to the law–the threats and stalkers and extortion schemes that accrue to the very, very famous, and the complex and unending investigations relating to someone who may or may not have been a pedophile–meet in a kind of perfect storm of sordid details and horrific privacy invasions.

“____ advised that ____ told ___ that he had information that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 1985 or 1986, investigated allegations against Jackson for reportedly molesting two Mexican boys. _____ further advised that the Los Angeles FBI special agent who investigated the incident was a Hispanic agent. The SAC, who ____ referred to as the one who was Mormon, did not pursue the allegations because Jackson was to receive an honor at the White House from the President.” And so on. It’s something all right. [FBI]

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