Food Trends Past & Future; Yao Ming Says No to Shark Fin Soup


NBA star Yao Ming is featured in a new ad campaign aimed at wealthy Chinese, urging them to say no to shark fin soup in order to combat the overfishing of certain species. The ad shows Yao pushing away a bowl of shark fin soup served to him in a fancy restaurant.

Jonas Brother Kevin, who prepared to tie the knot with Danielle Deleasa over the weekend on Long Island, asked Paula Deen to surprise his family and friends by making an appearance at the rehearsal dinner. Deen made a special meal for the event.
[NY Post]

AP’s 50 things that changed our lives in the aughties includes celebrity chefs and foodies. Fat as an enemy of the state, going organic, and Starbucks also made the list.

Meanwhile, Forbes‘ food trend forecast for 2010 is all about farming, haute cuisine (when it’s done right), rational health claims by food manufacturers (as in, no repeat of 2009’s “immunity-boosting” Cocoa Krispies), and childhood nutrition as a cause celebre.

New regulations state that air carriers that allow passengers to sit on the tarmac for more than two hours without food or water will be fined $27,500 per passenger. Airplanes that do not carry any food on short flights will have to start carrying snacks for emergencies.
[NY Times]


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