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Liu and Thompson Tag-Team on Bloomy Bank Accounts


Mike Bloomberg got a taste of the kind of needling he may be getting next month when incoming comptroller John Liu takes office.

Yesterday, Liu double-teamed with Bill Thompson to let the Mayor know that they’re both a little disturbed that the Bloomberg team somehow lost track of 2,700 bank accounts that went unregistered with the comptroller’s office.

“We … note a troubling silence regarding how this widespread practice began and why it was not remedied as soon as it came to your attention,” they wrote in a joint letter to the mayor.

The fiscal watchdogs demanded immediate disclosure, including “including a complete and accurate statement of all unregistered accounts.”

Ouch. That’s not how comptrollers have been talking to City Hall for the past few years. For Bloomberg, of course, this is a completely self-inflicted wound. What started as a way to pressure outgoing D.A. Robert Morgenthau to fork over a bigger share of fines paid by big bucks law violators became an embarrassment after the Times revealed that the city had lost track of hundreds of its own bank accounts.

As the Observer‘s Azi Paybarah points out, Liu wasn’t initially too interested in this issue, but the Times story this week apparently hiked his curiosity, and gave him the opportunity to start off his new job with a bang.



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