Trying to figure out if you’ve ever been in love can be quite perplexing for some. But according to Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist who is conducting Lust, Romance & Attachment: The Science of Love and Whom We Choose, there are a few symptoms you can watch for. Do you look past their flaws? Check! Do you experience intense energy? Check! How about elation, a racing heart, cravings, mood swings, obsessive thinking, emotional dependence, separation anxiety, and possessiveness? Yes to all! Yikes. Whether we’re attracted to certain types because of pheromones or physical attraction, Fisher says it’s all a science. This evening, she’ll enlighten her audience on what the brain experiences when in love (according to her, it’s as if your love interest “is camping in your head”) and will help you gain understanding of your own personality type and the science behind what attracts you to others. So being more logical about love will ease the internal roller coaster? We hope so.

Tue., Jan. 5, 6:30 p.m., 2010