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Michael Jackson Saves Slow News Day with FBI Kid Sex, Death Threat Files | Village Voice

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Michael Jackson Saves Slow News Day with FBI Kid Sex, Death Threat Files


It’s Christmas Eve’s Eve’s Eve and we got nothing, so thank Santa for the Freedom of Information Act, which got the FBI to release documents showing that the feds were looking into Michael Jackson’s life, particularly the parts spent with young boys. Now we can relive the magic all over again!

The 333 page data dump is roughly 40 percent devoted to sex-crime leads. Among these are a 2004 interview with an alleged, and rather uncooperative, victim (“he had no interest in testifying against Jackson”) and examination of a videotape “connected” with Jackson to see if it had any kiddie porn on it.

Here’s the whole thing. There are some humorous death threats, apparently made by one Frank Paul Jones against Jackson and the Jackson family because of his imagined relationship with Janet Jackson:

“Michael I will personally attempt to kill if he doesn’t pay me my money… while I am in a homeless shelter, she fucks [redacted] in a mansion… I never really took a woman out to eat, forget a real evening out. How else could I compete for [redacted] coming from where I am and have been… Read Ecc: 7:25-28“.

Also involved: John Gotti, the Crips, and this cowboy’s plans for an Earth Wind & Fire entertainment spectacular. (Also: An Alicia Keys connection!)

Our favorite part so far is the Santa Monica PD’s call for the FBI to investigate the possibility of a terrorist attack on Jackson’s molestation trial (the feds “did note the presence of a ‘New Black Panther Party’ member during Jackson’s first court appearance”). But we’re sure the remaining xeroxed scrawls will have something for everybody.


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