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New York’s Most Wanted: Suspect Boyfriend in Long Island City Artist’s Slaying Soars to No. 1


There’s a new No. 1 on the NYPD’s Most Wanted list: Tigran Tambiev, boyfriend of slain Long Island City artist Susan T. Woolf, is someone the city’s cops really, really, really want to talk to.

Tambiev replaced Kendall Scott (believed to have shot a man to death this past October 25 in Spanish Harlem) as the Police Department’s most sought-after guy. Both are still on the lam. (See the NYPD’s latest Most Wanted gallery here.)

Woolf, a hard-working 49-year-old artist specializing in “site-specific sculptures” (see her work on this article’s jump and on her home page), was found dead December 12 in her home, stabbed to death and with packing tape around her neck. Tambiev, a 43-year-old furniture mover with supposedly a heavy drinking problem, was her live-in boyfriend.

Woolf was a prominent member of a Long Island City cluster of artists and had a self-described “fascination with debris.” Friends of hers have been quoted as saying that Tambiev was himself a piece of junk.

Woolf was a member of the board of Long Island City Artists and on that organization’s site she described her work this way:

Filling cracks in the sidewalk with bright red leaves or building a bed from briers in a swamp, I observe how a place joins or collides with environmental, visual and social patterns. I make sculptures with locally found materials to accentuate the beauty in every location and build bridges between people and their surroundings.

In September, cops had been called to the apartment she shared with Tambiev to investigate a domestic dispute. She had an order of protection against Tambiev, according to reports, but it had expired at the time of her own expiration.

More details in the Queens Courier and Daily News.


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