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A butterfly sits atop a stale croissant suspended in midair, a tongue sticks out of a hole in the wall and quickly darts back inside, and a grand piano appears to be melting under the pressure of an invisible force—what does it all mean? That New York-–based Swiss artist Urs Fischer has a new exhibition, of course. Urs Fischer: Marguerite de Ponty is the first large-scale solo show in America by the artist who last raised eyebrows in 2007 when he memorably dug a crater into the floor of his gallery space. At the New Museum, he takes up three floors with his bizarre creations. “I’m interested in collisions of things, and how objects relate to each other,” Fischer told the New Yorker recently. Indeed, the second floor features more than 50 mirrored cubes that have been silk-screened with a variety of images—a cupcake, the Empire State Building, a pear—to create a surreal labyrinth for you to get lost in.

Dec. 26-Feb. 7, 2009

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