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Hey it’s the Voice Film Poll! It’s a world of Hurt Locker! J. Hoberman provides historical perspective for the 94-critic consensus, maps the decade in film, and names his own Top Ten. Anthony Kaufman surveys the state of New York’s indie film biz. Melissa Anderson does “Where Are They Now” with past laureates. The big winners are here, full returns here. Also: Best Films of the Decade!

Want to play, too? Here’s your Best Films of the Decade Entry Form.

The superlatives continue with Michael Feingold‘s Best Theater of the Decade, Christopher R. Weingarten‘s Decade in Music Genre Hype, Rob Harvilla‘s Worst Lyrics of the Decade, Zach Baron‘s Best Books of the Decade, Deborah Jowitt‘s Best Dance of the Decade, Robert Sietsema‘s Best Dining and Drinking Trends of the Decade, Martha Schwendener‘s Best Art of the Decade.

Back for a moment to the here and now: It was thrilling, Tom Robbins admits, to see the city council buck the Mayor and his developer friends on the Kingsbridge Armory project. But in that moment of glory the unions suddenly lost 1,000 job. Tom studies the “community-labor divide.”

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