Today in Lawsuits: Gabriel Stulman v. His Former Partners at Little Owl


Nothing says holiday spirit quite like a lawsuit, so here’s a good stocking stuffer: CityFile has learned that Gabriel Stulman, proprietor of the five-month-old Joseph Leonard, is suing Mikey Price and Joey Campanaro, his former partners at Little Owl and Market Table, for $437,000.

Stulman is charging that Campanaro and Price bilked him out of his 20 percent stake in their partnership and failed to pay him profits he was entitled to, which he says total $437,000.

Stulman left Little Owl and Market Table in June 2008 amid rumors that his departure was less than harmonious. Stulman, who ran the front of the house at the two restaurants, filed his lawsuit last month. In August, a car crashed into Joseph Leonard, leaving the restaurant undamaged; now, it looks like Stulman’s at the wheel, with his former places of employments fixed firmly in his trajectory.

[Via Eater]


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